ISSUE 001 - EARLY 2019

Catalogue 18 is golf’s first subscription art magazine — 300 pages of pure visual pleasure. A sumptuous annual compendium of photos, paintings, illustrations, tours, articles and portfolios by two dozen award-winning photographers and artists. It’s large, it’s lavish and there’s nothing like it in print. Oh, and it just became the first golf magazine to launch on Kickstarter.

The launch issue ships in early 2019, but we’re saving you a copy. You’ll want to check out image collections from Pinehurst No. 2, Cabot Cliffs, The Loop, Doonbeg, Nordic Europe, the Coachella Valley and Australia’s other sand belt. In all, there are images of nearly 200 courses from around the world, expertly shot or created by David Cannon, Stephen Szurlej, Linda Hartough, Brian Oar, Channing Benjamin, Dave Baysden, David Scaletti, Evan Schiller, Gary Kellner, Kaia Means, Josh Bills, Lee Wybranski, Wood Sabold, Aidan Bradley, Kevin Markham, Jacob Sjöman, Gary Lisbon, Michael Miller, Patrick Koenig, Mike Cocking, Kevin Murray, Riley Johns, Tony Harris, Russell Kirk and Steve Carr (who took the evocative image of the 4th hole at Morocco’s Assoufid, above).  

Keep Catalogue 18 for yourself or wrap it up as a golf lover’s gift. It’s $60, plus door-to-door shipping to any U.S. or international address. And there’s no commitment: The subscription’s for convenience, but you can opt out at any time, even after a single issue.

But enough. Here’s a preview of what you’ll be receiving:

Did you buy Catalogue 18 as a gift? The magazine comes out in early 2019, but you can give our downloadable card to your lucky friend or loved one in the meantime. Just right-click the image below, save and print!